RHA (Backpacking/Biking)

If you are looking for adventure, then Copper Cannon’s Ranger High Adventure is the camp for you! There are two different parts of RHA, and you can pick the one that is right for you:


Mountain Biking Adventure

What better way to enjoy  camp and see the White Mountain National Forest than from the seat of a mountain bike? Campers age 13-15 can take part in one of the newest exciting programs that Copper Cannon has to offer – the Mountain Biking Adventure. You don’t even have to have your own bike – we’ve got everything you need right here at camp! From the start of the week, you’ll learn the basics from the ground up – simple bike maintenance, how to navigate the trails safely and effectively, the best ways to avoid (or go over) obstacles on the bike trail.


After you’ve mastered the basics and tried out your skills on some of Copper Cannon’s great biking trails, you and your fellow campers will have the opportunity to get out on some more extensive trails around the White Mountain National Forest. Some groups even choose to ride through Franconia Notch, or to an overnight spot to have a beautiful campout in a wilderness setting. Even if you don’t have any previous mountain biking experience, that’s OK. All you need is a good attitude and a willingness to learn and you will have a blast.


RHA (Ranger High Adventure) Backpacking

If the one-hour nature hikes at most camps don’t quite fulfill your need for wilderness exploration, then Copper Cannon’s Backpacking Adventure might be for you! This is your chance to hit the hiking trails and see what it’s like to live out in the wilderness carrying everything you need to live on your back. Campers will start the week out learning some of the important (and fun) outdoor skills such as fire building, wilderness survival, map and compass and more. The first couple of days, you will have the opportunities to check out some of the coolest day hikes in the White Mountain area and check out some magnificent scenery, waterfalls, lakes and more. After you are pumped up and ready for a bigger challenge, the groups will hit the trails for a multi-day backpacking trip through the national forest. This is your chance to see all of nature’s wonders that people can’t see from their cars, and to experience the simple joys of getting away from it all.

There are two backpacking adventure weeks at Copper Cannon – the original RHA week last seven days and is a great introductory course for eager hikers and backpackers wanting to learn more.



For the Mountain Biking Camps, no previous mountain biking experience is required, however we recommend that participants at least have an interest and a desire to learn and get better at mountain biking. Plenty of time will be spent learning about the bikes and riding on the trails, and a good attitude is essential.


The one-week RHA programs involves camping out in the woods each night (mostly at camp) and several days of extensive hiking. No previous backpacking experience for this session is required, but a good attitude and a willingness for exploration and roughing it are absolutely essential.


Participants don’t have to be world-class athletes, but for the most enjoyable experience for everyone involved, participants should be in good shape. Above all, a good attitude is absolutely essential for RHA , and a willingness for adventure is a huge part. There might be bugs, mud, hiking in the rain, sleeping out, storms, uncomfortable nights in rough wilderness, etc. but the experience and friendships that are formed are absolutely unforgettable. Parents, please do not “surprise” your kids by signing them up for the RHA or MBA programs without letting them know about it first. If you have any questions about what all the RHA programs entail, please do not hesitate to contact us.


So how do you get signed up for the RHA programs?


Take a look at the Camper FAQ page to see the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that campers have!


Then have your parent or guardian take a look at the Eligibility and Forms and Apps pages to get you all signed up for camp!


We can’t wait to have you join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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