Campers, Volunteers Enjoy C5 Event!

Thanks to all of our volunteers who showed up to make the first “Copper Cannon Campers Cleanup and Celebration” day, or “C5” such a success!

Despite the cold and overcast day, a good crowd of campers, parents, staff and volunteers came out to camp for an afternoon of projects, fun and re-living summer memories.

In the morning, the group tackled the always large-scale project of attempting to get the leaves at camp raked up and relocated. As a couple of snowflakes began to fall, the group took a well-deserved break to play some GaGa and then warm up by the fireplace in the dining hall.

Copper Cannon provided lunch for everyone to visit and refuel, and then it was off to start on some more afternoon projects. Several brave souls were willing to take on the task of continuing to rake leaves out in the cold, while others opted for warmer projects in the dining hall, such as making trail markers and working on newsletters and postcards.

Several of the kids helped load up the non-perishable food from the storage sheds into Grant’s truck to relocate it to humidity and temperature-controlled storage for the winter. And finally, those kids took part in what they found was the most exciting project of the day: readying the giant sand pit for winter sledding!

The cleanup day was a lot of fun for everyone involved but also made a big difference in improving and upkeeping camp for everyone.

In addition to the camper cleanup day this past Saturday, Copper Cannon would also like to thank the New Hampshire ELKS clubs for a successful cleanup day the previous Saturday, taking on projects such as clearing trees, fixing trenches and starting work on the new Ben’s Den bathroom! The combined efforts of these two cleanup days have made a significant impact on camp, which directly translates to a significant positive impact on the campers’ enjoyment and experience over the summer.

Stay tuned for another “C5” cleanup day coming in the spring! But even before then, keep an eye out for information on a Winter fun day at camp for all Copper Cannon campers and families. Camp looks entirely different in the winter but there is a ton of fun stuff to do: hikes in the snow, snow forts and of course sledding down some great hills to name a few!

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