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#1. Ham’s Hall

Named after Hamilton Ford, Copper Cannon’s founder, The Dining Hall aka “Ham’s Hall” is an ideal gathering space for corporate outings, banquets, celebrations and birthday parties, and meetings. It’s spacious eating area has more than enough room for 125+ people. It comes with a fully functional kitchen,  and is stocked with dishes and silverware. The upstairs loft is a quite and comfortable, a great place for reading and studying.

#2. Ben’s Den

If your White Mountains adventure involves a large group, then Ben’s Den is the place to stay. It offers the same, level of comfort as the cozy Corliss Cabin, but comes with a large home theatre system, is stocked with an abundance of DVDs, and features arm chairs and couches. Its propane heater provides a rural ambiance; there’s nothing like relaxing by the fire during a snowy night.  Ben’s Den features two private rooms with enough bunk beds for six people each and a bathroom/shower.

#3. The Corliss Cabin

The Corliss Cabin is homey little cottage located right next to Ben’s Den. It comes equipped electrical lights and outlets, a bathroom and shower, four bunk beds, and a cast-iron wood stove for those cold winter nights. After a long day of skiing in Franconia Notch, The Corliss Cabin makes an ideal place to come relax and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate next to a roaring fire.

#4. Hillside Cabins


Our hillside cabins are the type of cabins you’d think of when someone says “A cabin in the woods.” They’re tucked away in the wooded areas around camp and are the perfect accommodations for groups of up to 80 people who prefer a simpler, more rustic camping experience. Available for rent during the warmer months of the year, these cabins are equipped with lights, electricity, and power outlets. There are plenty of fire circles near our hillside cabins and are great for preparing classic camping foods like hotdogs, s’mores, and moon pies.


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