Outdoor Education

Capacity: 25 participants per staff

Benefits of Outdoor Education:

  • Develops teamwork skills
  • Improves academic performance
  • Encourages problem-solving skills
  • Enhances communication Skills

The content of our outdoor education program is fully customizable and able to adapt to any school curriculum. Here are some examples of programs we’ve done in the past:

Increment Borer Demonstartion

An increment borer is a specialized tool used to extract a wood sample. This is a great program to show how the rings in a tree can paint a picture of the varying growth patterns of a tree from year to year. Students can take turns turning the increment borer into the tree to retrieve the sample. After the sample is recovered. Participants can work together to determine the age of the tree.

Outdoor Living Skills - Fire Building

The fire building program can be modified depending on the age and concentration level of the participants. This is a great program for fire safety. Before the program begins, the staff goes over safety procedure with participants to ensure the well-being of everyone which includes how to use the Indian Pump to extinguish the fire. Participants can build the fire using different methods, such as teepee, log cabin, lean-to, etc.

Outdoor Living Skills - Shelter Building

The shelter building program is great for a STEM demonstration of engineering. Shelter building requires planning and teamwork among participants. Our staff can help teach participants the different types of platforms including teepee, lean-to, platform, etc. After the structures have been successful built, the participants go into the shelter. The staff will test the structures to see if they will be able to withstand the elements.

Need some ideas for your school-based event? Check out our Pinterest Board for inspiration!

This is such a cool version of the spaghetti challenge!
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