Staff-Led Activities

Whether you simply want to rent out the facility for an afternoon or you want a full-scale, activity packed week for your group, Copper Cannon is the right place for all of your needs. Rentals at Copper Cannon Camp are fully customizable in every way, allowing you to tailor your program in every category to get just the experience you are looking for. The camp is available for activities as small-scale as an outdoor classroom for local school groups or a two-hour nature hiking program. Then the activities can range all the way up to a full week of “camp” where Copper Cannon staff lead activities, cook meals and even help with transportation. The choice is yours.

Groups renting at Copper Cannon are of course free to go about their own activities as they please, but our staff are trained to provide fun and educational activities if your group desires it. We can teach your group archery at our own archery course, outdoor living skills in the national forest or astronomy late at night. We can put together scavenger hunts, lead nature hikes through a beautiful setting or facilitate large group games in the meadow. Relying on Copper Cannon to assist with your programming can take a load off for group leaders and administrators. We are in the business of having fun and providing fun and learning for others, so you know any programming you get from our camp will be top-notch!

Please feel free to contact Copper Cannon Camp to see how we can suit your rental and programming needs. For more information, be sure to check out the other pages under our rentals section of the site.

We highly recommend you visit Copper Cannon prior to booking a reservation to ensure that our site will meet your group’s needs. We must escort visitors, and want to answer any questions that arise, so please inquire with our staff about the best time to visit.

All funds raised through Copper Cannon Camp’s rental and retreat events help fund our core mission of providing a free summer camp experience to New Hampshire’s low-income youth. For more information about our mission.

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