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Year-Round Staff

Peter Christnacht, Executive Director
2014 marked the eighth summer of Peter’s leadership at Copper Cannon Camp and his 27th in camp administration. He has had a chance to run programs throughout the country with the common thread being a heartfelt belief in the good camp does for an individual. Peter has had the opportunity to oversee programs serving hundreds of children a week to leading tripping programs for only a half dozen. With all of these programs, Peter has seen the impact quality staff can have on youth. He holds a Masters Degree from Northern Illinois University in Curriculum and Instruction and did  his undergraduate work at Gonzaga University.

Married with four children of his own, Peter knows what parents need in order to feel comfortable with a camping program, what children want from camp and how to meld the two together. Through the years, his children have grown up at Copper Cannon and share his passion with Peter’s only daughter running the arts and crafts program for the summer of 2012. His wife, Teresa, is an active volunteer with Copper Cannon having been instrumental in the growth of our Counselor in Training (CIT) leadership program since its inception and taking a lead in the annual auction.

Favorite camp activity: Native American storytelling at campfires
Favorite camp food:  “Dough on a Stick” – fabulous cooking over a fire… burnt on the outside, raw on the inside, but who cares?
Best memory from Copper Cannon: Meeting one of the first campers from 1963, who was so excited to share stories of his time at Copper Cannon Camp.
Biggest Challenge: Finding enough hours in the day to make the program even better.
Vision for the future: To see more former campers returning to Copper Cannon as staff.


Melody Brown, Administrative Assistant

Although Melody began at Copper Cannon Camp first as a volunteer in July 2011 and later as a full-time staff member in March 2012, her experience with the camp began 40 years ago. Even though she was too young to remember much of it, Melody spent time as a toddler at Copper Cannon while her mother worked there as a counselor.

In 2002, she moved to Jamaica where she worked as a U.S. Air Force Station Manager and her work experience there has proven very valuable. She returned to New Hampshire in October 2010 and found her way back to the camp, which she described as a feeling of coming home.

Melody has a 9-year-old daughter named Mya who loves growing up in a summer camp setting. Melody is excited to share the same camp experience she saw as a child with Mya. They enjoy sports such as Mya’s budding gymnastics career, outdoor activities and being involved in the Bethlehem and Franconia communities.

Favorite camp activity: Opening and closing campfires with the kids.
Favorite camp food: S’mores
Favorite camp memory: Seeing the lifelong friendships that are created over the course of just a week.


Copper Cannon Camp Board of Directors
The success of Copper Cannon is due in a large part to the wonderful Board of Directors. Through the years, their hard work and dedication has helped Copper Cannon grow and thrive. To learn  more about our current board click on the link:  Board Bios

If  you are interested in joining the board or a Copper Cannon committee, give us a call at 603-823-8107.

Copper Cannon Camp Summer Staff
Every year, Copper Cannon hires between 15-20 staff to be a part of our wonderful camp experience. Staff come from all over the state, country and world in order to give the campers (and the other staff) an experience spanning many cultures. In the summer of 2014, our camp had counselors and staff from countries, including Australia, Poland and England. All Copper Cannon summer staff go through an extensive interviewing and screening process before being selected to join camp. After arriving, all staff go through a 10-day staff training to ensure they are the best possible counselors to show your children a fun and safe time. To read more about our staff selection process from a health and safety standpoint, click here. If you are interested in becoming a Copper Cannon staff member, check out the Staff page for more info.

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