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Why Copper Cannon?

Top 10 Reasons You Should Work at Copper Cannon Camp

1. You can make a real difference

Camp counselors have a massive impact on a camper’s life, even in just one week. When youcats become a part of Copper Cannon, you are providing that impact to kids who otherwise might not have the opportunity. Copper Cannon is a free summer camp for low-income New Hampshire youth. There is no other place where your time and effort as a camp counselor could be better spent.

2. Great for your future professional endeavors

Many people don’t realize that being a camp counselor is a very valuable job to put on your resume. Being a camp counselor is not an easy job. Your commitment to educating and facilitating large groups of energetic kids for an entire summer shows incredible work ethic, passion and positivity. Besides, you can get college credit for working at Copper Cannon!

3. Free room, board, laundry, food and everything else

You’re not going to get rich working at summer camp. If you are becoming a camp counselor for the money, you are probably in the wrong place anyway. But one nice thing about our camp is that you have essentially zero living expenses. This means everything you earn can be spent during your travels over the summer or saved.

4. Copper Cannon is a special community

At some large camps, you might not even learn some other staff members’ names over the course of the summer. Our camp is a tightly-knit community in a small-town setting. Our staff take trips together, laughs together, learns together and grows together. By the end of summer (and even by the beginning!) you will have already made lifelong friends.

5. Meet people from all over the world

And not only meet these people, but truly get to know them.  Copper Cannon had staff from different countries working at camp. Staff members (and even more importantly, campers) are introduced to many new cultures, backgrounds and ideas. But the common thing that brought everyone together, regardless of background, was the love for camp and the campers that come with it.

6. The beautiful setting and scenery

Copper Cannon Camp property is adjacent to the White Mountain National Forest and has deep forests, miles of trails, fabulous views of the mountains and a river running through the property. If you love the outdoors, this is your paradise.

7. Awesome staff training time

If staff from all over the world are the bricks, staff training is the mortar that connects them all together. Our 10-day staff training program is not only informational and incredibly valuable, it also gives you an awesome, exciting and seriously fun time to bond with your fellow staff members before camp starts. We offer lifeguard and archery certifications for those interested as well.

8. Get the true, traditional camp experience

One of the first things many of our international staff talk about when they arrive is the summer camps that they have seen on American movies. We are here to tell you that it’s all here – archery, campfires, swimming, songs and skits, s’mores, the rustic cabin life and all of the great traditions. There are many “specialty” camps out there that focus on specific activities or lifestyles, but Copper Cannon is the epitome of what people think of when they hear the word “camp.”

9. You are part of a long tradition

More than 22,000 youth have come through the program since its inception in 1963. While some camps across the country are newer “startup” camps, Copper Cannon is well established and your name goes down in the history book when you become a part of the family.

10. Get paid to play!

Sure, there will be some frustrating or stressful times. But the majority of the time, your job is to play with the kids, act goofy and essentially re-live your childhood. Being a camp counselor is one of the only jobs where acting like a little kid gains you MORE respect from your co-workers. You can sing, dance, chant, run around and go crazy and the campers will love you for it.

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