> Traditional Overnight Summer Camp Program for 9-12 Year Olds

Traditional Overnight Summer Camp (9-12)

Campers age 9-12 have the opportunity to participate in our traditional overnight summer camp program. Traditional campers will share a cabin with 5-6 other youth and at least 1 staff for the course of the week. Our programs are specifically created to help our youth build relationships, to prevent summer learning loss and to promote a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating, hydration and exercise. 

ArcheryCampfiresBombardmentPing Pong
Team Building ExercisesHikingSwimming Arts & Crafts
Polar PlungeOvernightsSkitsOutdoor Living Skills

In addition to all of these activities, campers will get to choose between different program choice options. A program choice is a one-hour session that can be a variety of different activities that our staff are passionate about. Program Choice options vary week to week but some examples of previous options include: Baking, Yoga, Salamander Hunt, Dance Party, Spying, Gaelic Football, and Pen turning. It is a chance for our campers to try out a new activity that may even become a new hobby!

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