Copper Cannon Camp has been providing a free residential summer camp experience for 55 summers! Since its inception in 1963, our camp has served more than 20,000 youth in New Hampshire. That’s more than 20,000 camper alumni.

We LOVE to hear camp stories from the past and to see how the impact of Copper Cannon Camp has transcended decades and generations.

We Want To Hear From You

If you are a former camper or staff, we would love to stay in touch with you. We would love to hear your stories and see any pictures you may have.

If you have pictures or stories to share, please get in touch with us at or by phone at (603) 823-8107.

How To Stay Connected

Follow us on Facebook – Our Facebook page is updated regularly and includes all sorts of information including current events at camp, throwback photos, a chance to chat and reconnect and much more.cats

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Check out our newsletters – There are two different Copper Cannon newsletters – the Cannonball (intended for campers and their families) and the Powder Keg (for donors and alumni). Stay up to date with the latest newsletters on this page as they become available. Or ask to be put on the newsletter mailing list by filling out the Contact Us link below.

Contact Us – Use this form for anything and everything you need to better stay connected with Copper Cannon Camp. We would love to hear from you! You can share your contact info as well as stories and pictures.

Come Visit – We are always open to alumni who want to come back and visit! We will be happy to give you a tour so you can see how camp has evolved over time. Please fill out the Contact Us form or get in touch with us at, or call at (603) 823-8107 to set up a visit!

Browse the Site – Our website is chock-full of all sorts of information and media about Copper Cannon. If you are an alumni visiting the site, some pages that might be of interest to you include our Pictures Page, Newsletters, History and many more! Browse to your heart’s content.

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A Chance To Give Back

Copper Cannon remains a free camp to campers and their families, even after 55 years. But that doesn’t mean it’s an entirely free camp to everyone. The funding has to come from somewhere. There are plenty of ways to  give back at Copper Cannon. You can make a donation, attend events or volunteer. Please feel free to visit our Support page to learn more about these opportunities, or Contact Us with more specific questions or requests.

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