At Copper Cannon Camp, we care about our campers! We want to make sure you have a blast at camp. There are activities you know and love as well as new opportunities for you to try! The friendships you make at camp will last a lifetime. You will learn valuable lessons and make memories that will last a lifetime. Even a short week of camp can have a lifelong impact you will never forget.

Join us this summer for the time of your life! We love to see our campers come back year after year and to even become counselors! There is something for everyone, from younger campers to teenagers:

Age 9-12: Traditional Camp

Campers between the ages of 9-12 have the opportunity to experience a week of traditional summer camp! Activities include everything from Archery and Swimming to team building exercises and Campfires. There are even some surprises we guarantee you haven’t seen at any other camp. You’ll share a cabin with 5-6 other campers for the week and awesome caring counselors. The food is great, the activities are fun and the friendships you make last a lifetime!

Age 13-15: Ranger Week

Campers between the ages of 13-15 who love the traditional summer camp can come to Copper Cannon Camp during Ranger Week! Ranger Week offers many of the same activities that our traditional summer camp offer such as archery and team building. However, there are other surprises that make this week unique for our teen campers. Some favorites include events such as the Mr. and Mrs. Copper Cannon pageant and heading off the property to go explore some of the great attractions in the White Mountains Area.

Age 13-15: RHA Backpacking Adventure

Campers looking for a true wilderness experience can join the Copper Cannon RHA Backpacking Adventure! There are two weeks of RHA available at the beginning and the end of the summer. Campers spend the entire week camping and learning wilderness survival skills and other outdoor-related activities. After a couple days of practicing at camp, it’s time to load up the packs with gear and food and hit the trail for incredible backpacking trips through the White Mountains!

Age 13-15: RHA Mountain Biking Adventure

Campers participating in the Mountain Biking Adventure program will learn about bike maintenance, riding techniques and other cool skills. Copper Cannon Camp provides high-quality mountain bikes for campers in the program to use for the week! After mastering the basics, MBA will hit the trails in the adjacent White Mountain National Forest for trips full of fun, freedom and adventure!

Age 15-16: Last Chance Camp

As the name suggests, this is the last chance for our older youth to be campers. Our older campers still enjoy all the activities camp has to offer, but also act as role models for our younger campers. A day will be spent hiking, a day canoeing, a day mountain biking and a day doing the low ropes course and team building activities. It just doesn’t get better than this!

Age 16: Counselors-In-Training

The CIT program bridges the gap for those campers who want to become counselors. Sixteen year olds can apply to be a CIT and join a three-week program learning how to be a counselor while enjoying all the fun activities camp has to offer! CITs have plenty of opportunity to practice their leadership skills, which includes being assigned to a cabin during their second week at camp to learn all the ins and outs from their co-counselor. The CIT program is perfect for those who hope to be a future Copper Cannon staff.

Day Camp

Our Day Camp is open to children that have completed kindergarten and up. It is a great program for youth and/or that aren’t quite ready to participate in a traditional overnight camping experience. 

Age 13-16: Teen Leadership Retreat 

Teen Leadership Retreats are weekend events that take place in the off-season (Fall, Winter, Spring). They are an opportunity for our youth to reconnect with their fellow campers and counselors as well as to improve their leadership skills. Youth that participate in the retreat will participate in team building exercises and leadership workshops throughout the weekend.

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