Customize Your Copper Cannon Experience

Whether you’ve come to embark on an epic week-long adventure through the White Mountain wilderness, or are just renting the facility for an afternoon corporate retreat, Copper Cannon has you covered. Copper Cannon can be used for smaller packages such as local school groups with programs like a two-hour nature hike. But we are also fully equipped and prepared for large-scale activities which can range all the way up to a full week of “camp.” Depending on your preferences, your group can be completely independent, or Copper Cannon’s animated staff can lead activities and even cook meals. It’s all up to you.

We use Adventure to build Team Work!

Copper Cannon offers unique methods to help promote group unity, cooperation, trust, leadership and communication. Your group can be 2nd graders on a field trip or college fraternity on a road trip, our programming is suitable for groups of all ages. The ropes course is one of the most popular team building activities. It offers a series of both physical and mental obstacles which lets group members put their personal limits to the test in a safe and supportive environment facilitated by Copper Cannon’s trained and experienced staff. If you’re trying to experience the challenge of the ropes course without the heights, then the “low ropes course” is for you; it’s the same as the high ropes course but not quite as elevated. If heights don’t bother you, then the “high ropes course” is a must for your group. This course can be customized to only include the zip line or you can choose to go the whole nine yards and complete the five-part high ropes course that results in a trip down the zip line.

If the ropes course is a little to physically demanding, then Copper Cannon features a series of more mentally challenging team building activities. These activities are specifically designed to stimulate decision making, leadership, communication, and camaraderie. Each group member’s personal strengths are fostered but at the same time they learn to appreciate and recognize the personal strengths of others.


Staff-led Activities

We encourage any and all renters to do their own thing during their stay, but don’t forget our trained staff members are here for you. We understand organizing and supervising a retreat’s activities can be a long and tedious process for group leaders and administrators. Just say the word and we’ll take care of it for you with fun, staff led educational activities of your own choosing.

At our archery range, we can teach you how to shoot as good as Robin Hood (that might be an exaggeration). With our late night astronomy program, your group can experience the breathtaking beauty of a starry night in White Mountains. We can put together scavenger hunts, lead nature hikes through a beautiful setting or facilitate large group games in the meadow. Copper Cannon is in the business of using fun to promote education, and business is booming.

Outdoor Education

When you sign up for our outdoor education program, Copper Cannon and the White Mountain National Forrest turns into your very own 800,000-acre classroom. Experience firsthand the various ecosystems, miles of trails, the Gale River running through the property.

Copper Cannon’s rural location and rustic setting make it the perfect destination for school groups and anyone looking for an educational experience with nature. Let our staff take you on a nature hike through the woods of camp to learn about the health of the forest. Take part in a wilderness survival course to learn about fire building, shelter building and primitive hunting methods. Or simply bring your own curriculum and bring the lesson to life in a scenic setting.



Please feel free to contact Copper Cannon Camp to see how we can suit your rental and programming needs. For more information, check out the other pages under our rentals section of the site.

We highly recommend you visit Copper Cannon prior to booking a reservation to ensure that our site will meet your group’s needs.

All funds raised through Copper Cannon Camp’s rental and retreat events help fund our core mission of providing a free summer camp experience to New Hampshire’s low-income youth. For more information about our mission.

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