> Copper Cannon Camp - Our Biggest Fundraiser - The Annual Auction

The Youth are the Real Winners of the 47th Annual Auction

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of everyone involved with Copper Cannon Camp’s 47th Annual Auction, more than 100 New Hampshire youth will attend a free week of summer camp. Copper Cannon Camp’s executive director Peter Christnacht said the results surpassed all expectations with the event being sold out a month in advance.

The keynote speaker, a former camper, described her abusive home life as, “chaotic and inconsistent so we lived in constant fear.” As she continued her speech, she explained, “Copper Cannon Camp opened my eyes and showed me another life: a life without fear, stress, anxiety, abuse, and constant criticism. It showed me that I had something to fight for.” Since her time at camp, she has received two college degrees and has a full-time job helping others. “I stopped being a victim at Copper Cannon Camp that week and became a survivor!”

Later in the evening, attendees were given the opportunity to sponsor a camper. Donors held up their bidder numbers with one hand and the number of days they wished to sponsor on the other hand. Several bidders sponsored more days than they could show on one hand with the highest being 35 days.

A team of more than 40 volunteers, including a number of campers and summer staff, worked hard for months leading up to the event, which resulted in a sold-out event with hundreds of items up for bid. “The event allowed campers and their families to give back for what camp has given them,” Christnacht said. “Some families drove more than 100 miles to participate.”

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