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How will testing and health screening happen?

According to current NH guidance, we will require three diagnostic PCRs (polymerase chain reaction tests, also known as molecular tests) for all staff and two for the campers. The first test needs done approximately 5 days before arrival at camp. We recommend that you consult with your primary care doctor to locate a PCR testing site. Lab test results from this pre-camp test must be scanned and e-mailed prior to arrival to camp. If you received results by email, the results must be forward to camp.  All emails are sent to kgadapee@coppercannon.org.  In addition, bring a copy of the results with you when you check-in at camp. Without proof of a negative PCR, NH guidelines will not permit us to allow you on camp.

A second PCR will be required upon arrival at camp to confirm the results of the pre-camp test and a third will be done around Day 7 for staff or campers staying longer than one week (i.e. CIT program). Tests will be conducted on site by trained health staff and processed at an off-site lab with whom we (and many other NH camps) have partnered.  

If your child has had COVID in the last 90 days, please send us a copy of the positive test results.

In addition to testing, cabin counselors will be conducting daily health screenings and temperature recordings of all staff and campers in their cohort throughout the duration of the session. Additional tests will be administered if a camper or staff exhibits COVID symptoms.

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